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Innovations & Insights for Hoteliers

Driving CRM and Guest Loyalty in the Hospitality Industry

How does your hotel gather data about guest preferences?

Dr Michael Toedt | 11.03.2024

The recent study by h2c GmbH uncovers that hotels use multiple systems to gather guest preference data, leading to issues if not integrated into a central profile. This article explores these challenges and potential solutions, informed by findings from 84 hotel chains.

Vouchers: The Untapped Revenue & Guest Loyalty Accelerator in Hospitality

Dr Michael Toedt | 20.02.2024

In the vast expanse of direct marketing literature, vouchers emerge as a formidable strategy to amplify revenue streams. They are not merely a tactic employed by online travel agents to foster additional bookings or transform casual browsers into confirmed guests. Nor are they exclusively the realm of e-commerce platforms.

Guest-Centric CRM: Transforming the Hospitality Experience

Dr Michael Toedt | 20.11.2023

The hospitality industry, renowned for its service ethos, is confronting a paradox. Despite the intent to tailor services for each guest, hotel management has fallen into a pattern that inadvertently inflates costs and erodes guest loyalty. This pattern, entrenched for over 15 years, stems from an outdated, transaction-oriented management framework.

Why understanding ChatGPT can help you plan the perfect PMS cloud upgrade

Dr Michael Toedt | 24.10.2023

Yes, you read that correctly: understanding ChatGPT and how it works really can help your hotel plan and prepare effectively for migrating your legacy Property Management System (PMS) to the cloud! How? It all boils down to Big Data. Let us explain.

Caution Hacking! Attacks on Motel One and Co.

Dr Michael Toedt | 11.10.2023

H-Hotels, Motel One or MGM in the U.S. The list of deadly hacking successes has skyrocketed recently. No company is safe today, regardless of size. It is only a matter of time when it hits you and then you should be able to react properly.

Hotel budget season - How will YOU make your investment decisions?

Dr Michael Toedt | 24.08.2023

Which tools will you be using to help you make those all-important choices? Perhaps an ORM tool such as Revinate or ReviewPro? Feedback from social media or review websites maybe? Or guest interviews and surveys? Or maybe a combination of all of these!

The digital dead end: why hotels are stuck in an IT rut

Dr Michael Toedt | 14.06.2023

Why is it that the OTAs are beating the hotels at their own game and enticing so many guests away from direct bookings? A primary reason is a failure on the part of hotels to access and leverage Big Data in ways that would give them a competitive edge over the OTAs.

Big Data = Big Business

Dr Michael Toedt | 05.04.2023

In the competitive hospitality industry, the key to outshining Online Travel Agents (OTAs) lies in leveraging Big Data. This article explores how hotels can use Big Data to enhance CRM and boost guest loyalty, turning direct interactions into strategic advantages and gaining a competitive edge over OTAs.

Embracing Innovation: The Next Wave of Hotel Technology from PMS to CRM

Dr Michael Toedt | 22.03.2023

Dive into the transformative journey of hotel technology, from the roots of Property Management Systems (PMS) to the integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. This blog unveils the pivotal shift towards cloud-based systems and guest-centric strategies, illustrating how hotels can leverage these advancements to revolutionize operations, enhance guest experiences, and reclaim their competitive edge in the digital age.

The Essential Guide to Upgrading Your Hotel PMS to the Cloud

Dr Michael Toedt | 12.12.2022

Navigate the complexities of transitioning your hotel's Property Management System (PMS) to the cloud with confidence. This guide covers everything from data cleansing to choosing the right vendor, ensuring a seamless and secure upgrade process.

Modernizing Your PMS: A Guide to CRM and Loyalty Success

Dr Michael Toedt | 10.07.2022

As Suite8 phases out, learn how upgrading to a modern Property Management System can transform your hotel’s approach to CRM and loyalty programs. Our guide covers the essentials of choosing the right PMS to enhance guest relationships and streamline operations.