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Tailored for Your Hotel's Success 

Boost Your guest loyalty and direct distribution with dailypoint™ Loyalty!

In the dynamic world of hospitality, ensuring the success of your hotel requires innovative approaches. Introducing dailypoint™ CRM Loyalty Solutions - a comprehensive platform designed to elevate customer retention and your hotel's performance. 

Discover the Power of dailypoint™: Scalable, Robust, and Tailored for Your Hotel's Success Unlock the potential for growth and prosperity with dailypoint™.

Our platform is not only scalable to accommodate hotels and hotel groups of various sizes and fully digital but also robust enough to handle the complexities of the modern hospitality industry. Tailored specifically for your hotel, dailypoint™ is the key to unlocking new levels of efficiency, direct booker rates and guest satisfaction.

How do our CRM solutions help you reaching new peaks?

Unlock Direct Bookings and Liberate Your Hotel from OTA Dependency 

Redefine your hotel's booking landscape by unlocking the power of direct bookings. A hotel loyalty scheme powered by dailypoint™, liberates your establishment from the dependence on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Boost your revenue, streamline the booking process, and regain control over your reservations. 

Experience the flexibility of dailypoint™ Loyalty & CRM Solutions

From adapting a guest portal to your corporate design to full integration into your website or hotel app: the open API allows a seamless integration with your existing environment, and Single Sign-On (SSO) facilitates a connection between your Internet Booking Engine (IBE) and loyalty system, simplifying the booking experience.

For dailypoint™ loyalty, no physical card is required. We offer a fully virtual card compatible with Android, Windows, and Apple devices. Connect seamlessly with external programs through interfaces to renowned loyalty programs such as Miles & More and Payback or many leading car rental and airline programs.

Success Story:

Take a look at our Case Study and find out how the Platzl Hotel in Munich generated over 30% more online bookings on their own hotel website with the Direct Booker Club.

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How it works!

Run your own hotel loyalty program! dailypoint™ is the perfect platform – scalable and powerful.

2 Way Interfaces for Major PMS Systems

We go above and beyond, providing 2-way interfaces for easy access to insights throughout the hotel. And for systems like Oracle Opera or Protel, dailypoint™ not only consolidates but also cleans the data within the PMS itself.

Experience the transformative impact of dailypoint™ CRM Loyalty Solutions!