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Dr. Michael Toedt’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Unveiling the Evolution of Hospitality CRM with Dr. Michael Toedt on ITTECHrealTalk Podcast

In this episode of #ITTECHrealTalk, delve into the entrepreneurial journey of our Dr. Michael Toedt, our visionary founder and CEO. Over the last two decades, he has transformed dailypoint™ from a startup into a beacon in the hospitality tech industry.

Today, dailypoint™ is celebrated as the top #abovePMS solution, revolutionizing hotel CRM globally with its innovative Central Guest Profile, setting new benchmarks for personalized guest experiences.

  • Explore the pivotal moments and strategic decisions that have sculpted our success.
  • Gain insights from Dr. Toedt that he would impart to his younger self and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

A must-listen for every German-speaker! Listen to the Podcast here:

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