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Today hotels use various software solutions: for example PMS systems, Housekeeping Systems, Booking Engines or Tools to schedule appointments at the hotel Spa. And there are more and more digital helpers available that need to be integrated into your existing software infrastructure.

But how to connect and feed them all with the relevant data?

The dailypoint™ Marketplace is an intelligent integration platform for your business. It connects all hotel systems without having the pain to integrate into the PMS system.

Take a look at all partners, applications & dailypoint™ modules available.

Revolutionize Hotel Tech with our Integrations Technology

The dailypoint™ Marketplace revolutionizes hotel operations by offering an intelligent integration platform that seamlessly connects a variety of hotel systems, from PMS and housekeeping to booking engines, without the complexity of direct PMS integration. Leveraging an open API strategy, it facilitates access to a central profile for all guest data, enabling a unified, GDPR-compliant guest experience across all connected applications and transforming the technology landscape of today's hotels.

Open API strategy

More than 180 solutions are waiting for you! With the open API strategy of dailypoint™, it is easy to connect your website, payment service,  app or other applications, to get access to the dailypoint™ Central Profile and exchange guest data.

Data Laundry

Compared to other platforms dailypoint™ has an outstanding advantage. Since 2005 dailypoint™ builds the most sophisticated data cleansing algorithms as part of its Data Laundry to create a clean and central profile! This is the foundation for almost all processes in a hotel.

Central Profile

A PMS integration has a big disadvantage: The PMS does not provide a Central Profile! With dailypoint´s open API strategy, it is easy to connect any application and to give integration partners access to the dailypoint™ Central Profile, the centerpiece that holds all guests´ data.

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