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How does your hotel gather data about guest preferences?

Integrating Hotel Systems for a Unified Guest Data Strategy

The recent h2c GmbH Digital Hotel Operations Global Study – of which dailypoint was pleased to be one of the sponsors – found that hotels use a wide variety of systems for gathering data about guest preferences.

And whilst this is not at all surprising, and is indeed necessary for hotels to maximize the amount of data they can collect, it can cause problems and limitations where the systems are not fully integrated with a central guest profile. In this article, we will explore these issues in more detail and look at potential solutions. But first, let us take a look at some of the findings from the h2c GmbH study, starting with the data gathering points that the 84 hotel chains surveyed last year said they were using: 

2023 Hotel Integration Study: PMS Leads, Gaps Remain

As would be expected, the Property Management System (PMS) is the number one data gathering point for guest information, with 64% of hotels surveyed by h2c GmbH having PMS systems that are fully integrated with the central guest profile, and a further 27% in total having some level of integration. This is followed by the IBE, with 38% of hotels enjoying fully integrated online booking solutions. 
After this, things start to deteriorate, with between 20% and 27% of hotels included in the study having no integration whatsoever for the remaining data gathering points, including business-critical and guest-facing systems such as the website, ORM and Point of Sale (POS) solutions. This is worrying. Dr Michael Toedt, CEO of dailypointTM, explains why.

“The 2023 h2c GmbH Global Study found that, on the whole, general levels of integration with the PMS (not just related to gathering guest preferences) are much improved from 2017 levels. This is illustrated in the slide. 

Critical Gaps and Central Guest Profile Discrepancies Highlighted.

“However, there is still a great deal of work to be done to improve integrations, especially in the three systems highlighted above: the POS, Sales & Catering Module and services such as Spa and Golf. The lack of integration here is not only hindering the hotels’ ability to create and maintain the all-important central guest profile. It is also affecting their capacity to use the data gathered from the various apps within the IT stack to create valuable guest insights that enable the provision of highly personalized services, communications and experiences.” 
Indeed, there appears to be some confusion around how many hotels are actually achieving central guest profiles at all. In the 2023 study, 70% of hotels claimed that this is the case. But when h2c GmbH asked the same question of the hotels’ tech vendors, the figure dropped 13 percentage points to a disappointing 57%. 

A Call for Comprehensive Digital Strategy!

Putting this discrepancy aside for now, we must ask ourselves: why is it seemingly so difficult for hotels to integrate all – not just some – of their systems with the PMS and / or central guest profile? And why, where integration does exist, is there is such a huge amount of discrepancy between the integration levels of individual systems? The results from the 2023 study offer some of the answers:

As we can see, limited system integration possibilities were cited as the biggest challenge for 73% of hotels when it comes to optimizing their digital operations, followed by cost at 60%. The fact that 46% also mentioned limited software functionalities, and a further 24% were hampered by the unavailability of systems and /or a lack of standard operating procedures (SOPs), shows that there are multiple issues within hotels’ existing tech stacks and IT processes. Says Dr Michael Toedt: “Whatever problems hotels are facing with optimizing and integrating their IT stacks must be overcome – and soon. Right now, the hotels are winning market share back from the OTAs, but this trend needs to continue if the sector is to continue its post-COVID recovery and successfully overcome the challenges of the cost of living crisis. 

Optimizing Hotel CRM with Central Data Management: The Path to Personalized Guest Experiences

“This requires investment not just in new technologies, but in the right new technologies. These must enable efficient data gathering from each and every system within the stack, both in-house and third party, so that central guest profiles can be created and maintained.  
“Harking back to slide 97 shown above, it is a big concern that the vendors surveyed fed back that ‘Hotels struggle to understand the value of guest profiles and don’t invest in systems which are capable to manage data for the guest experience.’  
“Whilst this is by no means true of all hotels – after all, 87% of those surveyed said their primary reason for digitization is to improve guest experience and satisfaction levels – there is clearly a lack of understanding for many around how to build the tech stack in the best way to achieve these goals.” 
So, what is the right way forward for today’s hotels in terms of optimizing both their digital operations and their ability to gather data so they can personalize their offering, which holds the key to success for enhancing the guest experience?  

The Answer is Two-Fold:

Introducing a robust Central Data Management (CDM) system, such as dailypoint™ 360°, that can integrate seamlessly with all the other apps in the tech stack to collect data in real time and hold it centrally. This must be supported by an efficient data cleansing system, such as the dailypoint™ Data Laundry

Dr Michael Toedt concludes:

The 2023 h2c GmbH Global Study found that there is an increasing appetite amongst hotels to source tech from the best providers, rather than relying on a single, One Stop Shop vendor. This is encouraging – and signals the way forward for hotels to maintain their competitive edge over the OTAs and, ultimately, overtake them when it comes to gathering and utilizing high quality, clean guest data through central profiles.” 

Dr. Michael Toedt
CEO & Founder

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h2c GmbH Digital Hotel Operations Global Study. 2023 
h2c GmbH Global Hospitality Distribution Study. 2022 
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