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Ready to Embrace the Power of your Data to Unlock Real CRM?

Revolutionize Your Hotel’s CRM Strategy

In the ever-changing world of travel, technology empowers us to collect extensive data at every stage of the guest's journey. Smartly leveraging this data transforms it into a precious asset. A surprising number of companies miss out on fully utilizing their CRM resources. What holds you back from unlocking the full potential of your data treasure? 

Reach new peaks with our Data Laundry!

Safe Data Processing

Aa cloud-based solution that ensures full GDPR compliance, providing our users with the highest standard of data protection and privacy.

By leveraging the cloud, our Data Laundry offers scalable and efficient data processing while strictly adhering to GDPR regulations, ensuring your data is handled quick, safely and legally.

Overcoming CRM Data Silos for Seamless Integration

One common hurdle is the scattering of CRM data across different closed systems, creating a challenge for centralization. Even after consolidation, many companies fall into the trap of randomly dumping CRM data into databases or warehouses. This creates new obstacles as CRM data takes on diverse formats and qualities, full of duplications, contradictions, and inaccuracies, compromising the usability of the CRM output.

What our analysis of 2 leading multi property PMS unveiled:


Profiles per Loyal Guest


Had two profiles


Had three profiles


Had at least four profiles

analysis period: October 2018 | two hotel groups with 110 hotels in total | business and resort hotels | PMS: Opera MPE and Protel MPE | activated cleansing in PMS | 4 million guest profiles | 4.5 million stays


Average reduction of guest profiles during consolidation - with the dailypoint Data Laundry!

Boost your CRM with our unmatched data cleansing

Unlock the true potential of your customer data with our Data Laundry, a comprehensive solution seamlessly collecting and structuring information from vital sources. From your PMS and POS to emailing systems and website interactions, it consolidates diverse data, ensuring it's ready for processing and utilization. 

The 3 Key Phases:

Learn how we provide the best possible CRM base for your hotel!


The Data Laundry acts as a centralized hub, gathering data from various sources like your PMS, channel managers, emailing systems, website, and more. This approach ensures no valuable information is left untapped.


Our advanced, fully automated cleaning method is the backbone of our Data Laundry. It meticulously reviews key data points, adeptly merging duplicates, and rectifying errors, resulting in a refined, error-free dataset, creating a singular profile for each customer.


- Address correction for 240 countries
- Standardizes/corrects spelling to corporate default
- Searches for faulty data
- Reviews a guest’s prefix and gender
- Creates a dynamic salutation
- Adds a household and family-id
- Appends data (geo, customer segments…)
- Has phonetic matching algorithms to detect typos
- De-duplicates and merges profiles
- Fully automated Bi-directional data push (2-way push with your PMS)


Clean data is seamlessly pushed back to your PMS and securely stored within dailypoint™. This ensures all your data remains consistently up-to-date across multiple sources, providing businesses with a single, reliable source of truth for all customer data.

2 Way Interfaces for Major PMS Systems

We go above and beyond, providing 2-way interfaces for easy access to insights throughout the hotel. And for systems like Oracle Opera or Protel, dailypoint™ not only consolidates but also cleans the data within the PMS itself.

We bring your CRM to the next level - here’s some proof!

Why did Cologne’s grandest hotel select dailypoint?

The Excelsior Hotel Ernst way in the middle of his dailypoint setup and we asked for 15 minutes of their time to explain why they selected dailypoint and how they they are experiencing the implementation process so far.

Here is what Sebastian Shirra, Revenue Manger at Excelsior Ernst had to say!

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Our Data Laundry provides Seamless CRM for your Hotel!

It is the crucial tool for modern data management, with over 16 years of precise development focused on consolidating and refining information. Its best-of-breed algorithms handle even international guest data through a unique process of about 350 steps, ensuring real-time, fully automated matching and merging for millions of records from diverse sources. This sophisticated tool seamlessly offers a consolidated profile that not only streamlines data but also unlocks the deepest insights. The Data Laundry goes beyond mere cleansing: it transforms and enriches your data landscape across all connected systems, enabling #realCRM.

What sets us apart?
Our commitment to excellence - Trust us for nothing but the best in managing your data and making your guest smile like never before!

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