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Succes Stories

Curious to see some practical samples of how we help manage your guest data? We created Case Studies & Success Stories with some best practices for you to look at.

Managing Guest Rewards.

B2B – B2C. Paid and non-paid. Fully digital and multi-tier.

How Rotana Hotel Management Corporation shifted 650,000 Rotana Rewards Members to a new and highly integrated platform.

Learn more about dailypoint™ Loyalty and the options it offers.

March 2023

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Push Sales with Tripadvisor.

How to improve customer acquisition with a top listing on TripAdvisor and how dailypoint™ can help.
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November 2022

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Switch your PMS without data loss.

dailypoint™ can transfer your existing guest data to your new PMS. Secure, smooth & automated.
We offer two-way integrations with many of the leading PMS systems. Data Laundry is an important add-on while getting your data ready for a new beginning. Download our Case Study and read the details.

March 2022


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Digital guest communication and service.

Personal. Individual. Simple.

This success story shows how Grand Resort Bad Ragaz uses dailypoint™ and straiv to implement personalized digital guest communication and digital services for an improved guest experience.
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January 2020

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Boost your Direct Bookings.

How to receive more direct reservations through the hotel Website by running a Direct Booker Club with dailypoint™.

How to receive more direct reservations through the hotel Website by running a Direct Booker Club with dailypoint™.
this success story explains how the Platzl Hotel in Munich, Germany increased direct reservations by 300% in six months.

September 2020

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Provide the best service ever with a Central Guest Profile.

Guest recognition and individualized service is key factor for loyal customers. This success story explains how you can connect data from various sources at the hotel to create one clean and central profile that holds all relevant data. And how as a leading system it integrates with PMS systems.

September 2019

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Smart offers & confirmations with the dailypoint™ Booking Manager

Create smart offers and confirmations which transfer the quality of your hotel and services by using the Booking Manager. This Case Study shows how The Storchen, Zurich, Switzerland uses dailypoint™ to simplify processes and receive better results.

September 2019

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Data Cleansing with Opera Multi Property.

Automated data cleansing of 4.000.000 guest profiles from 70+ hotels in an OPERA multi-property environment.

March 2019

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