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A Guide to Switching Your PMS to the Cloud

Enhancing CRM and Loyalty Programs Through Cloud-Based PMS Migration to Optimize Your Hotel's Success!

Critical Considerations for Hotel PMS Cloud Migration: A Must-Read Before You Leap

Despite frequent mentions, it's clear that the hotel industry often trails in various aspects of digital transformation. However, a growing number of hotel groups are now embracing digitalization by migrating their IT infrastructure—including the crucial Property Management System (PMS)—to the cloud.

There are several benefits to adopting a cloud-based PMS. It provides a faster and more user-friendly interface for staff, which enhances productivity and allows more time for interacting with guests. A cloud-based PMS is also simpler to set up and adjust, offering scalability as business needs evolve. Furthermore, modern security software in cloud systems provides superior protection against data breaches and corruption compared to traditional on-premise setups, while also helping to ensure compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Navigating Risks in PMS Cloud Migration: Protecting Guest Profile Data

Indeed, shifting your Property Management System (PMS) to the cloud could be among the most strategic moves your hotel group makes. However, like any major undertaking, it comes with the caveat to 'Approach with caution!' In this guide, hotel technology experts at dailypoint™ share crucial advice to help you sidestep the most significant risk: the loss of guest profile data.

The Major Risks of Guest Data Loss

Experienced professionals in the hotel technology sector have encountered numerous instances where PMS upgrades have faltered, often resulting in the loss of valuable guest profile data accumulated over years—data including stay histories, preferences, and behaviors. This information is essential to deliver a personalized, high-quality guest experience during every stay.

Understanding the Impact of Data Loss on CRM and Loyalty Programs

While transferring guest profiles to a new PMS is standard practice, crucial details are frequently omitted during the process. Dr. Michael Toedt, CEO of dailypoint™, emphasizes the severe implications of such omissions: "The thought of losing detailed guest profiles is unsettling. In today's era, where post-pandemic guests demand individualized treatment, missing out on delivering personalized offers and settings can disappoint them severely, affecting their likelihood to return."

Unsatisfied guests may choose other options, impacting your hotel's financial performance through lost repeat business. Moreover, in the digital age, their grievances may quickly spread across online review platforms, tarnishing your hotel's reputation.

Broader Implications of Data Loss During PMS Upgrades

The repercussions of losing guest profile data extend beyond damage to reputation and financial losses. The operational setbacks can range from missing reservation details to manual data entry errors during the transfer process, complicating your PMS upgrade. This can disrupt sales and marketing efforts, preventing personalized communication and halting all outbound communications until guests re-opt into services.

Additionally, legal issues may arise if outdated or inaccurate data is transferred to the cloud, risking breaches of data protection laws and potential legal consequences. While a cloud-based PMS enhances compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA, compliance is contingent upon the integrity of the data transferred—a responsibility that ultimately rests on your shoulders, not the vendor's.

As the saying goes:Fail to plan and you plan to fail.
So, our first piece of advice is: do not rush into a PMS cloud upgrade. Take your time. There are several processes that are imperative to follow before and during the transfer. Here are our recommendations.

How to Minimize Guest Profile Data Loss when Upgrading your PMS

Ensuring Accuracy in PMS Cloud Migration: Best Practices for Data Cleansing and Auditing

To ensure a smooth cloud migration, start by purging unnecessary data and refining guest profiles to include only the most current and accurate information. While it's important not to indiscriminately discard data due to age - valuable guest histories could be crucial - manual cleaning and merging are not recommended. Instead, employ a professional Data Quality Management (DQM) system like dailypoint Data Laundry™ to manage your data to the highest standards effectively. Also, be sure to remove any data that is no longer legally permissible to retain and consider legal limitations on transferring personal data internationally, such as the EU's Privacy Shield Judgement.

Don't lose your data and embrace CRM & Loyalty Excellence in Your Hotel by upgrading your PMS to the cloud!

dailypoint™ is committed to facilitating a seamless cloud upgrade of your Property Management System (PMS). With our end-to-end dailypoint PMS Data Migration Service, we oversee your migration from the initial planning to the final implementation. This includes:

  • Data Cleansing: Utilizing the dailypoint DataLaundry system, we clean and deduplicate your guest profiles to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Data Transfer: We safely transfer detailed guest profiles and future reservations, maintaining essential stay histories and insights.
  • Data Aggregation: Our services extend to gathering and reorganizing guest data from diverse sources such as loyalty systems, CRMs, email platforms, and Internet Booking Engines (IBEs).
  • Data Integration: The cleaned and aggregated data is then uploaded to your new cloud-based PMS and made interoperable with other systems in your IT stack.

Our streamlined processes guarantee that your migration is completed within a few hours, significantly reducing downtime and the need for manual data entry.

Furthermore, this article equips you with the knowledge to pose the right questions to potential vendors. It's crucial to document all agreements with your chosen provider as an attachment or addendum to the contract to prevent misunderstandings or oversights. Remember, issues often arise not from over-selling but from a lack of deep understanding by sales personnel.

Interested in further details about the dailypoint™ PMS Data Migration Service?

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