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dailypoint™ is the leading #abovePMS solution for individual hotels & groups, designed to enhance hotel management systems & guest data management. By collecting data from all relevant sources, including PMS, POS, websites, newsletters, & Wi-Fi, dailypoint creates a centralized guest profile. Utilizing integrated data cleansing processes & AI, dailypoint not only simplifies data management but also generates extensive guest insights. This comprehensive approach allows for personalized marketing & improved guest experiences, positioning dailypoint as the pivotal tool in CRM for the hospitality industry.

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Transform guest interactions into lasting relationships with dailypoint™ 360°, the premier #abovePMS solution designed specifically for enhancing CRM and loyalty programs. Leverage our powerful Central Data Management (CDM) system to gather deep insights, personalize experiences, and drive guest satisfaction to new heights.

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Discover how our CRM solutions transform guest data management and boost revenue. Learn from our case studies about enhancing loyalty programs and increasing direct bookings with dailypoint™. See real-world applications that deliver significant results, from top-tier hotel chains to boutique resorts.

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Discover the power of dailypoint: from integrating CRM deep links that enhance operational efficiency to employing cutting-edge technologies like our Profile Engine for personalized guest interactions, our solutions are designed to boost your revenue and elevate guest satisfaction. Learn from success stories such as the transformation of hotel operations through strategic CRM implementations and marketing automation.

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Customer Voices: Boosting CRM and Loyalty in Your Hotel

Caroline Reiter
Marketing, Hotel Kitzhof
Mountain Design Resort

„dailypoint™ makes a huge difference to our complaint management. We do not only receive a direct and personal guest feedback via post-stay questionnaire and can react straight away. So far we have also made a big step concerning our internal processes. 

Heiko Buchta
General Manager,
Platzl Hotels

"With the Direct Booker Club, we were not only able to stop the trend towards the OTAs, we fight back and generate more and more direct bookings on our Website."


Platzl Hotels generated 32% of their Online Revenue through the tool in the first half of 2019.  

Sascha Beck
Hotelmanager, IBZ Residence
Campus at Home

"We only just started working with dailypoint and were amazed on how great the set-up process has been handled.

Thanks to Christina and Julia for taking care of us so perfectly well!" 

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