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The Booking Manager

Elevate Guest Loyalty & Experience with our Booking Manager

Unlock the full potential of your hotel's reservation and inquiry process with the dailypoint™ Booking Manager, an integral component of the comprehensive dailypoint™ CRM platform solution. This system enhances your guest correspondence, making it not only more appealing but also laden with relevant information. Seamlessly guide your guests through the booking journey while boosting your revenue through room upgrades and additional services. 

Why choose dailypoint™ Booking Manager?

Hotel Storchen, Zurich

Case Study: Discover how the Storchen hotel in Zurich leverages the Booking Manager for intelligent offers and seamless confirmations. 

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Key Features of dailypoint™ Booking Manager

Newsletter System

Keep your guests informed about the latest news and special offers. Harness your guest profiles, ensuring personalized and engaging newsletter distributions. Modern tools, including spam and deliverability tests, control group distribution, and A/B tests, are at your fingertips. 


Give your guest the chance to check-in before he arrives. With the dailypoint check-in form the guest can enter all relevant information which gets transferred automatically to your PMS. If legally required, the guest can also e-sign the document.  

Calendar Integration: 

Enable guests to effortlessly integrate booking details into their preferred calendars with a single click. Improve the experience for frequent travelers by providing easily accessible and organized information right from their calendars. 

Guest Communication:

From booking confirmations to pre- and post-stay messages, the Booking Manager ensures consistent and attractive HTML design for all guest communications. Customize communication based on guest data, delivering automatic, quick, and easy interactions. 

Picture Personalization:

Make your guests feel truly special by integrating personalized images into offers, confirmations, or pre-stay emails. With real-time personalization, showcase your commitment to individualized service. 

Additional Plugins

Weather forecasts, questionnaire integration, and calendar enhancements are plugins that add value to guest communication, making your hotel more appealing to potential guests. 

Payment Link:

Automate payment processes securely with the dailypoint™ Payment link. Comply with PCI and PSD2 regulations, reducing the risk of fraud. Revolutionize reservations by phone and handle OTA reservations with ease. 

Dynamic Imagery:

Infuse emotions and anticipation into your communications with dynamic imagery. Whether it's a Christmas booking or a summer family holiday, let your visuals speak of your uniqueness and individuality. 

How the Booking Manager works!

A system which assists you throughout the entire inquiry and booking process. With dailypoint™ your guest correspondence is much more attractive and provides your guests with relevant information.

2 Way Interfaces for Major PMS Systems

We go above and beyond, providing 2-way interfaces for easy access to insights throughout the hotel. And for systems like Oracle Opera or Protel, dailypoint™ not only consolidates but also cleans the data within the PMS itself.

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