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Beyond Suite8: Embrace Your Next-Gen PMS

Upgrade Your Hotel's Technology for Superior CRM and Loyalty Outcomes

How to Transition Your PMS to the Cloud for Enhanced CRM & Loylaty Capabilities

The centralized guest profile is often referred to as the "holy grail" of digital transformation, serving as a crucial repository of comprehensive guest knowledge. This central profile is vital for success, far beyond being just a "nice to have"—it forms the foundation for virtually every aspect of the customer journey. Whether it's improving service, streamlining processes, or targeting sales more effectively, the central guest profile is a key value driver. In most hotels, guest knowledge is managed within the Property Management System (PMS) and, in the event of switching providers, must be transferred to a new system. This transition is critical to maintain continuity and enhance operational efficiencies across the hotel’s services.

Optimizing PMS Transitions: Ensuring Data Integrity and Operational Efficiency

Preventing Data Loss During PMS Transitions

Data loss should not occur during a system transition. Today, the bulk of valuable knowledge is stored in the stay history. However, this crucial information often cannot be imported into a new system, resulting in significantly poorer customer support for existing clients.

Streamlining System Upgrades with Automated Data Processes

Hoteliers frequently use a system switch as an opportunity to "clean house." This manual data cleansing is intended to ensure that the new system starts with clean data from the onset. It is important to note that a system switch involves considerable manual effort, a fact that should be avoided especially during times of current staff shortages.

Maintaining Comprehensive Guest Knowledge

So, what does the solution look like? Data transfer and cleansing must be automated processes, ensuring that future reservations and all associated guest information are transferred reliably. Moreover, it is essential that all guest knowledge is preserved and readily accessible at the press of a button, ensuring continuity and enhancing service quality throughout the transition.

Ensuring Seamless PMS Migration with Expert Guidance from dailypoint™

An experienced consultant should therefore assist and ensure a smooth transition. dailypoint™ provides an excellent foundation for a PMS migration. It offers some of the best two-way interfaces with most leading Property Management Systems and connections to many other solution partners in the world of hotel technology. You can find references and practical examples in our case study.

Strategic PMS Selection: Evaluating Your Hotel's IT Infrastructure for Optimal Integration

Before making a fundamental decision on a new PMS, the entire IT structure of the hotel should always be examined.

  • What interfaces currently exist?
  • What systems will be introduced in the future to further optimize processes and, most importantly,
  • Which system will manage the centralized guest profile across platforms

Integrating CRS, PMS, and CDM for a Unified Hotel IT Strategy 

The Property Management System (PMS) today is not merely an isolated component but a crucial part of an integrated IT solution. This includes seamless integration with Distribution (CRS) and Central Data Management (CDM) systems, ensuring that all aspects of your hotel's operations—especially the centralized guest profile—are managed cohesively. Such integration is vital for maintaining a competitive edge and achieving sustainable success in the hospitality industry.

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Dr Michael Toedt concludes:

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