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We continuously give you insights into our thoughts about the latest hospitality industry trends and developments. Select & download the White Papers you are curious to learn more about.

Central Guest Profile: The Key to Success for Digitization in Hotels

Dr Michael Toedt | 08.02.2024

We proudly sponsored the latest release of the h2c GmbH Digital Hotel Operations Global Study. Positive findings mirror our commitment to hotel digitization and personalization using integrated systems and open APIs. Despite progress, inconsistency persists, highlighting substantial opportunities for digitization improvement in hotels.

ChatGPT and your Property Management System Migration

Dr Michael Toedt | 09.10.2023

Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT is currently the hottest topic in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). Generative AI is the field of AI that uses algorithms and databases within ChatGPT and its key rivals, Bing AI and Google Bard, to create new content.

Make smarter investments for your hotel this budget season

Dr Michael Toedt | 13.08.2023

It’s hotel budget season! How will you invest next year? Don’t rely on anonymous online data to help you decide! Read our latest White Paper to discover your secret weapon to investment success (and more) in 2024.

Is your hotel stuck in a digital cul de sac?

Dr Michael Toedt | 17.05.2023

In this White Paper, we take a look at the wider tech stack and examine why, it is, in many cases, ineffective in enabling hotels to access the power of Big Data and in turn, compete successfully against Online Travel Agents (OTAs). We start with the archetypal problem of multiple guest profiles within the IT stack and why this will inevitably lead to a digital dead end for hotels.

CDM versus CRM: Depth versus Superficiality

Dr Michael Toedt | 29.04.2023

Does your CRM sit at the heart of your hotel’s IT stack? Do you rely on it for guest data and insights? If so, you could be making a big mistake – and missing out on a big opportunity. In our new White Paper, Dr. Michael Toedt explores why the CRM is just another wheel in the cog of hotel tech and why central data management (CDM) holds the key to success. Download it for free today and unlock the door to a brighter future for guest data quality.

BIG DATA – The key to Boosting your Hotel´s Value

Dr Michael Toedt | 04.02.2023

Data is the new oil – we used that quote many times before. But why are hotels not getting it right? They need to realize the true value of ‘Big Data’, not only in terms of profit margins but in other ways too, such as improving operational efficiency, staff productivity, and guest satisfaction? These are questions Dr. Michael Toedt answers in this White Paper.

Upgrading to a Cloud-Based PMS? Don’t lose your Guest Insights!

Dr Michael Toedt | 10.11.2022

PMS conversions all too often result in a significant loss of guest knowledge. In many cases, only summarized versions of guest profiles are transferred across to the new cloud-based PMS. Stay histories and detailed information on guest preferences and behaviors will disappear into thin air. And there is more at stake. In this White Paper we examine some of the risks & issues in more detail before explaining how data loss can be prevented.

The Ever-Growing Need for Targeted Communications

Dr Michael Toedt | 02.10.2022

Data on its own cannot create the personalized communications and one-to-one marketing approach that are so important to modern hotel guests, and so critical for promoting loyalty. In this new White Paper, we will explore the significance of personalization to the hotel industry and how collecting Big Data is just the starting point for making this happen.

The dailypoint™ Content Bot: The Revolution in Guest Communication

Dr Michael Toedt | 29.05.2022

We are all unique individuals, and we expect to be treated as such by our service providers, including hotels. However, personalization & individualization are two of the biggest problems hoteliers face today. In our latest White Paper, Michael Toedt explores the flaws behind the outdated email marketing processes still used by most hotel companies.

The Triangle for Sustainable Success: PMS – CDM – CRS

Dr Michael Toedt | 30.04.2022

The IT stack in the hotel business needs to be readjusted. Only then can hoteliers provide a truly personalized guest experience at every stage of the customer journey. Dr. Michael Toedt looks at the role of the PMS as well as the relationship of CRM, PMS, and CDM. He explains the most important IT systems for a hotel and how can you make them really work.

Causes of poor Data Quality & how AI can help you overcome them

Dr Michael Toedt | 26.02.2022

Dr. Michael Toedt looks at the underlying causes of poor data and the steps hoteliers can take to improve data collection, optimization, and cleansing processes within their organizations, so they can make the most of AI and automation across all relevant operational and marketing functions.

Where is Hotel Tech headed in 2022?

Dr Michael Toedt | 10.12.2021

In this white paper, Dr. Michael Toedt takes a look at where hotel tech is heading in 2022. Which IT trends must hoteliers adopt to satisfy guest demands, provide safe and high-quality customer experiences, and rise above the competition?

E-Mail Marketing & Hotel CRM Buyer's Guide 2022

Dr Michael Toedt | 30.11.2021

E-Mail Marketing & Hotel CRM software enables hotels to manage guest relationships at scale. At the core of any good Hotel CRM lies a central guest profile created from data in property management systems, reputation management software, and other third-party data sources. Take a look at Hotel Tech Reports Buyers Guide for 2022.

Hotel Tech helps meet guest expectations

Dr Michael Toedt | 05.10.2021

Guest expectations have evolved in recent years especially during the pandemic. The right technology – specifically, a Central Data Management (CDM) system built around a central guest profile – can enable hotels to meet these.

The future of Hotel Technology – “Is the PMS long overdue?”

Dr Michael Toedt | 03.09.2021

In today’s tech-driven world, implementing the right hotel tech stack will clearly be critical to success. In this White Paper, we look at why centralizing the PMS is a flawed approach when evolving the tech stack.

The ECJ ruling on the EU-US Privacy Shield and its Consequences

Dr Michael Toedt | 10.02.2021

At least since the GDPR went into effect, data protection should be at the top of your agenda. Be cautious, when it comes to selecting cloud software systems.