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Make Your Guests Smile More Than Ever With Our Central Data Mangement Solutions For Hotels!

Revolutionizing Hospitality Through Advanced CRM Technology

Explore dailypoint™, the leading #abovePMS solution designed specifically for individual hotels and hotel groups for a #realCRM experience. The innovative approach, dailypoint™ 360°, provides an advanced Central Data Management (CDM) solution with a versatile platform strategy. Tailor your experience by selecting modules that cater to your specific requirements, ensuring scalability as your needs evolve. 

Central Data Management

With more than 200 best-of-breed integrations, dailypoint™ seamlessly integrates with your preferred software tools. The Central Guest Profile, generated through automated processes and AI-driven data management in about 350 unique steps, offers profound insights into guest behavior.

Benefit from two-way interfaces with all leading systems and an open API adhering to OTA standards, allowing you to leverage this knowledge across all facets of your hotel operations. 

Elevate your Hotel's CRM and Operational Control!


Our 360° Central Data Management is as flexible as it gets, growing with your ambitions. It comes with everything our Data Laundry has to offer and with the solutions below! The cloud-based architecture of dailypoint™ also allows seamless CRM interaction with other systems through our API.

Campaign Manager

Streamline and automate your CRM-focused marketing efforts, ensuring measurability and individualization. Manage different CRM channels and guest communications with communication rules to prevent over-communication. The Campaign Management system sends the right CRM information to the right people at the right time.


Elevate your CRM-focused direct booking strategy with the integrated Voucher System in. Integrated into CRM-driven marketing campaigns, it ensures controlled and effective cross and upselling. Prevent CRM misuse while generating additional turnover – one success story boasts €250,000 in 12 months, showcasing the true potential of CRM-driven strategies. 

Profile Engine

Transform into a CRM professional with ease! AI and machine learning transform consolidated CRM data from various touchpoints, enabling highly individualized services and improved sales and marketing actions. Understand guests' desires, interests, and preferences effortlessly with the Profile Engine, a pivotal CRM component. 

Reputation Management

Enhance customer acquisition with a flexible form builder and integrations with TripAdvisor, Google Places, and more. Its Profile Engine generates preferences, optimizing complaint management and analysis for better service.

Smart Lists

Replace outdated printouts with dailypoint™ Smart Lists, customizable interactive lists updating in real-time. From CRM-centric breakfast checklists to VIP tracking, keep everything organized with customizable CRM filters and widgets.

Website Connect

Empower your website with Website Connect, turning it into a CRM-focused direct booking engine. Bridge the gap between your website and CRM-centric guest profiles, offering real-time linking and personalized CRM content.

Smart Wireless

In almost every of hotel, Wi-Fi is regarded as a mere cost center, a service provided to guests without any revenue potential. However, with this innovative approach, you can turn your Wi-Fi infrastructure into a lucrative profit center.

Learn how we boost your Hotels CRM, Guest Loyalty and Revenue!

Digital guest communication and service.

Personal. Individual. Simple.

How Grand Resort Bad Ragaz uses dailypoint™ and straiv to implement personalized digital guest communication and digital services for an improved guest experience.

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How it works

A self-learning profile for each guest. dailypoint 360° provides a total of 16 modules built around this Central Profile. This opens the door for an intelligent Customer Relationship Management.

2 Way Interfaces for Major PMS Systems

We go above and beyond, providing 2-way interfaces for easy access to insights throughout the hotel. And for systems like Oracle Opera or Protel, dailypoint™ not only consolidates but also cleans the data within the PMS itself.

Boost Revenues, Guest Loyalty, and Optimize Operations with our CRM Solutions for Hotels!

"Elevate your hotel's guest experience with our leading #abovePMS solution designed for a genuine #realCRM experience. Discover dailypoint™ 360° for a tailored approach to Central Guest Data Management, offering flexibility and scalability. Let's find together the perfect modules to make your guests smile. Fill out the contact form below take the first step in making your guests smile like never before!"

Maximilian Hofner
VP Sales

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