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Mastering dailypoint™: Unlock Your Hotel's Potential & Explore Partner Solutions

Webinars You Shouldn't Miss:

Are you fully aware of all the capabilities within dailypoint™? Many of our clients express surprise at the breadth of our software solution. We aim to enlighten both decision-makers and dailypoint users about the cutting-edge functionalities our software presents. 

ChatGPT and your Property Management System (PMS) Migration

In her illuminating use case, Linda Vallner navigates through the intricacies of this transformative period, scrutinizing both the risks associated with data migration and the untapped potential inherent in a well-executed PMS switch. 

Partnerwebinar with Hotelkit

The presentation with our partner Hotelkit.

May 2023! 

Content Bot Product Launch

Sending the right content to the right recipients is every marketer’s dream!
The dailypoint™ Content Bot makes this dream come true! Dr Michael Toedt explains the revolutionary possibilities the Content Bot has in store for you. 

July 2022

Privacy Shield:

What does this mean for your software contracts with US companies?
You are a hotelier looking for a new provider for CRM and data management? Avoid negligent violations when selecting cloud software systems! The ruling of the CJEU on the EU-US Privacy Shield and its consequences are explained by Dr. Michael Toedt in this short webinar.

November 2021 (German)

Website Development & Integration

We show you how to integrate dailypoint™ correctly on your website. No matter if you plan a new website or want to improve your existing pages, the interaction with the guest should be the central element.

May 2020 (German)

Booking Manager

Professional and effective guest communication

Communication has a decisive influence on the re-purchasing behaviour of your guests. But there are big differences. Take advantage of the current situation and position yourself correctly. We show you the basics.

April 2020 (German)

Vouchers – create booking incentives!

Voucher sales increases your revenue. We show you how to encourage your customers to buy gift vouchers.

April 2020 (German)

Loyalty Club

Not only for the big ones!

Thinking about setting up your own customer club for your hotel? We will show you how it works.

April 2020 (German)

Round Table

Industry experts talk about why now is the time to plan you strategy!

Ullrich Kastner (myhotelshop) and Dr. Michael Toedt talked about which steps to take in times of crisis.

April 2020 (German)

Direct Booker Club.

Generate more reservations through your website. The Platzl Hotel in Munich has successfully demonstrated how it works. With the Direct Booker Club it took up the fight against the OTS’s.

April 2020 (German)


Professional feedback management

Questionnaires are an important part of the guest communication. Not only for the acquisition of new customers but also for the retention of your existing customers. How they be designed and how can you use the results best?

April 2020

Measurable marketing

Using budgets sensibly

Let´s talk numbers. dailypoint enables comprehensive evaluations of your online and offline campaigns. Measure the success and use the insights to use your marketing budget profitably.

March 2020 (German)

Acquisition of new customers 

By using reputation management

Rating portals play a decisive role in the acquisition of new customers. They tend to be more important than the brand.  We show you what you should do in the future and what you can do now to improve your listing and to make the right decisions.

March 2020 (German)

Marketing Automation

For customer acquisition and CRM

Today, automation is the most efficient way to stay in touch with guests. Automation is not only relevant for customer acquisition but also in CRM. Get in touch with your guests at the right time, with the right content!

March 2020 (German)

Define your strategy – now!

Communication is a decisive factor in determining the re-purchasing behaviour of your guests. But there are big differences. Take advantage of the current situation and position yourself correctly.

March 2020

Reach is King!

E-mail marketing is the most cost-effective medium to keep in touch with your guests. However, reach is the decisive factor for success.

March 2020