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Smart Investment Strategies for your Hotel!

Utilizing Big Data for Better Hotel Budgeting and Investments

Are you playing dice with your hotel investments this year?

If you’re basing financial decisions on online sources such as ORMs, Social Media and Review Websites, I’m afraid the answer is ‘yes’! Guest interviews and basic, generic surveys won’t do you much good, either. Why? Because the data is unreliable, often anonymous and even more often, irrelevant.

What you need is a Standard Guest Questionnaire, targeted to your primary audience segment and based on a single, clean version of each Guest’s Profile. It’s the only valid source of truth for sound financial decision-making this budget season. And it’s not out of your reach – you can read all about it in our new White Paper. 

In the crucial budget season, making informed investment decisions is key to a hotel's success. Our whitepaper dispels common myths around relying on ORM tools and social media for investment guidance, advocating instead for a data-driven approach. Learn why standardized guest questionnaires and centralized guest profiles are your most reliable sources for actionable insights.

Key Insights:

  • Uncover the Truth: Debunk myths surrounding social media and ORM tools as decision-making aids.
  • Strategic Insights: Discover the significance of standardized questionnaires linked to a centralized guest profile.
  • Practical Advice: Gain actionable strategies to utilize Big Data for forecasting demand and optimizing pricing strategies.
  • Equip your hotel with the knowledge to navigate budgeting challenges, enhance guest experiences, and secure a competitive advantage in the hospitality industry.

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