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The Number 2 Loyalty Software

Munich, January 10, 2024 – dailypoint™ is proud to announce its recent achievement as the second-best Loyalty Program for Independents globally, as recognized by Hotel Tech Report in the prestigious 2024 HotelTechAwards. This accolade reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the hotel industry.

Annually, over 2.5 million hotel industry professionals rely on for informed technology purchasing decisions. The HotelTechAwards, known as the “Grammys of Hotel Tech”, determine the best hotel software products across all categories, emphasizing customer feedback and crucial data points such as integration compatibility, organizational health, market share, partner network strength, and the quality of customer support.

Jordan Hollander, CEO of Hotel Tech Report, emphasized the rigor and fairness of the selection process: “The ranking is a direct result of our simple, transparent, and unbiased system, rooted in time-tested industry-specific factors. Participation in the voting process is exclusive to verified hoteliers with first-hand experience using the products. This ensures that the honor dailypoint™ received as the #2 in Loyalty Programs for Independents truly represents the voice of its users.

Hollander further added, “The HotelTechAwards are unique as they are driven by the authentic experiences and voices of customers. This customer-centric approach to ranking enables us to spotlight the world’s leading software solutions and their significant value to users. It’s a data-driven recognition, with finalists selected not by a panel of judges, but by reviews from a global community of verified hotel technology users in over 120 countries.

dailypoint, headquartered in Germany, offers a comprehensive suite of CDM solutions tailored for the hotel industry. Dr. Michael Toedt, the visionary behind dailypoint, states,Our 16 interconnected modules, including dailypoint™ Loyalty, are founded on a Central Guest Profile, ensuring seamless integration and data synchronization. We pride ourselves on our AI-driven, fully automated data cleansing processes, unparalleled in the industry. These processes form the foundation of a unified guest profile across all systems.

Dr. Toedt concluded with a reflection on the company’s customer-centric philosophy: “Our final ranking in the HotelTechAwards is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction. It’s an honor to be recognized among the best, and it inspires us to continue delivering exceptional quality and innovation to the world’s most prestigious hotels.”

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