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How to Boost Your Hotel's Guest Experience with Marketing Automation!

Revolutionize Guest Management with Advanced CRM Solutions

Unlock the potential of personalized guest experiences through dailypoint™'s innovative CRM and loyalty enhancement tools. We offer cutting-edge solutions that redefine hotel guest engagement and loyalty management through smart automation and data analytics, making your guests smile more than ever before!


Why Our Marketing Automations Transform Your Hotel Experience:

Effortless CRM Integration 

Seamlessly merges with existing hotel systems, enabling a unified approach to guest data management and engagement strategies. 

Dynamic Personalization 

Empowers hotels to create and utilize comprehensive, real-time guest profiles for hyper-personalized communications across all touchpoints.

Automated Communications 

Drives engagement and loyalty by automating personalized guest interactions before, during, and after their stay, ensuring every communication is timely and relevant. 


Leverages advanced analytics to transform guest data into strategic insights, optimizing marketing efforts and enhancing guest satisfaction. 

Scenario: Personalizing the Guest Journey for Enhanced Loyalty

In the face of increasing competition, personalizing guest interactions and maximizing direct bookings are critical. Hotels must efficiently leverage CRM data to tailor communications, ensuring guests feel uniquely recognized and valued. 

A Step-by-Step Look at Marketing Automation in Action in Your Hotel

Seamless CRM Integration

The first step involves integrating dailypoint™ with your hotel’s CRM and other operational systems. This process is designed to be swift and hassle-free, ensuring that you can start leveraging guest data almost immediately. The integration enables a central repository where all guest information is stored, updated in real-time, ensuring that every team member has access to the latest insights for decision-making and guest interaction. 

The dailypoint™ Advantage:


Revolutionize hotel CRM strategies by harnessing the power of marketing automation to create unforgettable guest experiences!

  • Centralizes Guest Data for precision in personalization, making every guest feel uniquely valued.
  • Automates Communication across the guest journey, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty with every interaction.
  • Boosts Direct Bookings by targeting guests with tailored offers based on their preferences and behaviors.
  • Collects Real-Time Feedback, enabling hotels to quickly address and rectify any guest concerns, thereby improving service quality and guest ratings.
  • Optimizes Loyalty Programs, encouraging deeper engagement and repeat visits through automated, relevant notifications about loyalty benefits and rewards.

This strategic application of technology not only elevates guest experiences but also streamlines operations, contributing to a robust increase in direct bookings and guest loyalty! 

Achieve Unparalleled Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty with dailypoint™

Discover the Impact of dailypoint™ on Your Hotel:

"dailypoint™ revolutionizes how hotels engage with guests, transforming every interaction into an opportunity for personalization and loyalty building. Embrace the future of hospitality with our CRM and guest loyalty solutions, and set a new standard for guest satisfaction."

Claus Kannewurf

Executive Director Service & Support

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