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Unleash the Power of your Data


the (r)evolution in communication

the dailypoint™ Content Bot


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How do I push my customer acquisition?


The answer is Central Data Management.



Clean Data is the key!


This is why we developed
dailypoint™  Data Laundry.

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Switch your PMS without data loss

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Central Data Management with dailypoint™


dailypoint™ is the leading #abovePMS solution for individual hotels and hotel groups. dailypoint™ collects data from all relevant sources such as PMS, POS, website, newsletter or Wi-Fi and creates a central and consolidated guest profile. The integrated data cleaning processes and special artificial intelligence (AI) are used in addition to the application and generate extensive guest knowledge.

The cloud-based SAAS solution is the ideal basis for centralized data management (CDM). dailypoint™ consists of 16 modules and is complemented by the dailypoint™ Marketplace with more than 200 solution partners.
This allows dailypoint™ not only be used for measurable marketing (CRM) and optimal direct sales, it also covers the entire customer journey and thus supports all departments of a hotel. The integrated Privacy Dashboard is also the central element for the technical implementation of the GDPR.

dailypoint™ - the only #realCRM

Solutions built for hotels of all types and sizes

360° Data Management

Bring all your data together in one central platform.

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Booking Manager

Manage all your guest communications & reservations.

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Loyalty Program

Run your own hotel loyalty program! Scalable and powerful.

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Data Laundry & PMS Conversions

All your hotel's data, clean and at your fingertips.

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Turn your Wi-Fi from a cost center to a profit center.

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Curious to see what Leading Hotels of the World have to say about us?

We called some of those great hotels. They gave us a few minutes of their time so that we can now share their experiences and views with you.

Why did Cologne’s grandest hotel select dailypoint?
The Excelsior Hotel Ernst is in the middle of his dailypoint setup, and we asked for 15 minutes of their time to explain why they selected dailypoint and how they they are experiencing the implementation process so far. Here is what Sebastian Shirra, Revenue Manger at Excelsior Ernst had to say!

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Linda Vallner

Chief Operating Officer, dailypoint™

Dank zentralem Gastprofil mehr Profit im Hotel

Dr. Michael Toedt zu Gast beim IT&TECH Podcast

Dr. Michael Toedt, war zu Gast im Podcast “IT &TECH“! Im Gespräch geht es unter anderem um den Einfluss der Provisionen von Online Travel Agents auf die Hotelprofitabilität und wie diese Abhängigkeit durch ein zentrales Gastprofil deutlich reduziert werden kann. Erfahren Sie zudem, wie unser Content-Bot das E-Mail Marketing für Hotels revolutioniert und hochgradig personalisierte Inhalte liefert.

Hier geht es zum Podcast! 

Dr. Michael Toedt

CEO & Founder, dailypoint™

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What our customers say

"With the Direct Booker Club, we were not only able to stop the trend towards the OTAs, we fight back and generate more and more direct bookings on our Website."

Platzl Hotels generated 32% of their Online Revenue through the tool in the first half of 2019.  

Heiko Buchta

General Manager, Platzl Hotels

„dailypoint™ makes a huge difference to our complaint management. We do not only receive a direct and personal guest feedback via post-stay questionnaire and can react straight away. So far we have also made a big step concerning our internal processes. The clear review graphics and the direct comparison to previous months and years are absolutely excellent in order to optimize hotel-internal processes. That is how we achieve our most important goal: Satisfied and relaxed guests!“

Caroline Reiter

Marketing, Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort

"We only just started working with dailypoint and were amazed on how great the set-up process has been handled.

Thanks to Christina and Julia for taking care of us so perfectly well!" 

Sascha Beck

Hotelmanager, IZB Residence CAMPUS AT HOME

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