Munich, August 2021 –  A year ago, the European Supreme Court ruled the so-called Privacy Shield to be illegal. A number of articles and publications already exist on this topic, but hardly any explicitly deal with the effects on the hotel industry. Dr. Robert Selk, lawyer specializing in data protection and partner at dailypoint™, has now examined this issue and would like to share his knowledge.

Just about every hotel today already uses cloud solutions from non-EU countries and thus often has a data protection problem. This is critical in many cases and can represent a high risk in terms of the GDPR and the associated penalties.

The ruling made in June 2020 makes it more difficult to use cloud solutions, especially from the USA – this also applies to any European subsidiaries. To minimize risk, hotels are forced to have every software contract reviewed by a specialist lawyer. The audit costs quickly exceed the actual investment costs, with a mostly negative legal recommendation.

The White Paper answers the following questions that concern communicators:

  • What does the court ruling mean for the hotel industry?
  • What are the pitfalls of standard data protection contracts and data encryption?
  • How is the issue being addressed in the EU?
  • What does the hotel industry need to consider when selecting cloud software systems?


Do you have any further questions or would you like to speak to an expert? Then feel free to contact dailypoint™, the company combines integrated data cleansing processes with the highest data protection standards.

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