Munich, September 20, 2021 – Hotel Tech Report launched the “Official Hotel CRM & E-Mail Marketing Software Guide 2022” featuring dailypoint™. The guide is now available free of charge to the entire hotel community, for which – gearing up for the post-Covid hospitality boom – competition will be fierce and new avenues need to be explored.

Inside the guide, buyers find out why guest profiles are the central source of truth and need to be at the heart of your IT strategy. The guide also includes data such as:

  • Latest trends in CRM and E-Mail Marketing
  • KPIs to track
  • Implementation expectations
  • Key integrations
  • Questions to ask vendors

“The hotel industry has been disproportionately impacted by the current pandemic, with some hotel groups using this period as an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation initiatives at an unprecedented pace. This Hotel CRM & Email Marketing Software guide is designed to give buyers exactly the information they need to make an educated decision as they rethink the way they use technology in their departments,” says Hotel Tech Report CEO Jordan Hollander.

“dailypoint™ has by far the most complex and best data cleaning algorithms not only to clean data but to create the so necessary central guest profile for unvaluable guest insights. That’s how modern hotel leaders achieve the necessary digitization transformation the new Guide describes”, adds Dr. Michael Toedt, CEO and founder of dailypoint™.

If you are interested, you can DOWNLOAD THE FREE GUIDE HERE

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