Munich, September 2021 – Traditionally, hotel technology has been complex and fragmented. A lack of technology integration results in a set-up that’s clunky and inefficient at best and non-compliant with data privacy law at worst. However, as hotels gear up for the post-Covid hospitality boom, competition will be fierce and new avenues need to be explored.

Is the PMS long overdue?

A new White Paper, written by Dr. Michael Toedt, examines why centralizing the Property Management System (PMS) is a flawed approach when evolving the tech stack.

It explores alternative solutions that can deliver a truly guest-centric tech environment offering a wealth of benefits to hoteliers and customers alike.

The White Paper answers the following questions that concern communicators:

  • Why has the PMS been the center point of the IT stack for over 40 years?
  • What are the pitfalls of still centralizing the PMS?
  • What is the true successor of the PMS?
  • What are the advantages of alternative solutions?

Curious? Read the White Paper!

Do you have any further questions or would you like to speak to Michael Toedt in person? Then feel free to contact dailypoint™.  The company combines integrated data cleansing processes with the highest data protection standards.

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