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Please note that during the updates you might have to calculate with one or another interference. Below you find recent updates which are supposed to ensure an optimal handling of the system and we want to keep you up-to-date regarding what is going on at 360° by dailypoint™. Thank you for your understanding!

Optimized File Structure


Use the optimized file structure in the Campaign Management to keep a good overview of your activities. Since all guests are different, diverse target groups and various promotions need to be managed. The new structure allows you to create separate files for the client newsletters and sort them by themes. You can also design your own structure and customize it to your needs. You can allocate the following rights and roles to the users:

✓ READ – User only has the right to see the file structure
✓ EDIT – User has the right to add and amend files
✓ DELETE – User has the right to delete files

Campaign Management – Reports


dailypoint™ helps you to make your marketing activities measurable. In addition to analyzing age groups, your most valuable guests, or the click behavior of your newsletter subscribers, you can calculate the ROI (Return on Invest) and ROP (Return on Promotion).

With the new filter options and features within the Campaign Management you can calculate the parameters even more precisely. To better evaluate generated guest bookings, you can exclude the source or market code in campaigns for specific days, or individually adjust the interval between the DropDate and EndDate of a promotion.

Loyalty Program


With your own bonus program you can strengthen guest loyalty and inform guests about your service spectrum in the benefits proposal.

So far, the status of a member has been determined by the system according to the number of stays. Now, the dailypoint™ Loyalty Program allows you to manually allocate or change a member status. You can also manually enroll new guests to the bonus program and limit user rights for individual MDB users.

Message Center


Do you use the dailypoint™ Message Center instead of Outlook for guest communication? Then, you can now easily assign incoming messages with unknown email addresses to the respective guest profile and also add attachments to your communication.  

Quality Management

The web-based Intranet platform Hotelkit can now be integrated into dailypoint™.
Any information received in the pre-stay communication, such as shuttle bookings or complaints, will then be automatically forwarded to Hotelkit, which enables you to take immediate action, if required.  
Please contact your Account Manager for further information and activation of the integration.

Good to know: Data Protection – dailypoint™ Privacy Dashboard

The GDPR recommends using a privacy dashboard to meet the new legal requirements and potential requests of your guests. Our “Central Data Management” (CDM) approach to centralize all data sources in dailypoint™ provides the ideal basis. The newly developed Privacy Dashboard is now available across all dailypoint™ software products. This new feature helps you to centrally manage the obligations stipulated by the GDPR related to guest data including: 

✓ comprehensive information,
✓ possibility for data transfers,
✓ possibility to delete client-specific data,
✓ centralized history of opt-ins and approvals (across all systems)

All tables contain PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data, which allows for easy data export. Your Account Manager will assist you to define the data that should be available for data transfer. This will enable you to answer all potential requests by your guests for information.

You can find more information on the dailypoint™ Privacy Dashboard in chapter 7.3 of our manual. Please let your Account Manager know which MDB user should be activated. 

The latest upgrade is included in all licenses; only additional services are subject to a separate fee.

Good to know: “Incorrect” Salutations

When creating a target group, the system searches for the language allocated to the guest profile. This led to confusions, if multiple languages were allocated to one guest profile. The prefix always indicates the most recent data set. This could also lead to mistakes, e.g. when the promotion language was DE and the prefix for the target group was “Mr. Michael Toedt”. Fortunately, this could be solved with the current update. 

The promotion language now determines the prefix, provided that standard prefixes for each promotion language exist. The current update comes with defaults for DE, EN, FR and IT.

Good to know: Expiry Period in the E-Mailing System

The dailypoint™ e-mailing system now allows for automatic deletion of unconfirmed registrations, e.g. for the hotel newsletter, within 14 days. This feature supports compliance with the new data privacy regulations.

Good to know: How to use dailypoint™? 

Please check our dailypoint™ Tutorials for instant support with specific functionalities! Check our Help Center under Manual or click here.

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