dailypoint™ today announced that they are partnering with TripAdvisor to offer their customer base an easy and powerful solution to collect guest feedback. The partnership involves a technology integration enabling hotel clients to automatically request reviews from guests following their stay.

“One of the most important things for a hotel brand’s customer acquisition is a good listing on TripAdvisor” says Dr Michael Toedt, founder and CEO of dailypoint™. He highlights the importance of hotels maintaining a good Social Media Marketing strategy, if they want to do well and become profitable in our modern world. The performance of listings on review platforms is mainly influenced by the average review rating, but also by variables like the recency of guest feedback and the volume of reviews. With the new partnership, dailypoint™ hotel clients can leverage TripAdvisor review and feedback collection tools integrated in the quality management app of dailypoint™.

The dailypoint™ cloud data management platform creates a single rich guest profile using the most current AI and machine learning algorithms and patented data cleansing processes. To benefit from this new knowledge, dailypoint™ offers 16 apps from BI to campaign management, from operations to quality management, from CRM to loyalty. “On average, our clients can replace 5 different unconnected systems and bring everything together on the dailypoint™ cloud system” explains Michael Toedt, one of the major USPs of the company.

Key benefits of the integration include:

  • Easier collection of guest reviews
  • Higher feedback volume helps to improve visibility and guest acquisition
  • Deep analytics reporting functionalities
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