Curious to see what Leading Hotels of the World have to say about us?

We called some of those great hotels. They gave us a few minutes of their time so that we can now share their experiences and views with you.

Why did the 5-star resort with six Michelin stars select dailypoint?

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has been using dailypoint as the technical foundation of their digital marketing activities for seven years. We asked them for 15 minutes of their time to share their experiences in delivering a digital hospitality experience to the luxury guest segment.

Here is what Siân Dunn, CRM Manger at Bad Ragaz had to say!

Why did Cologne’s grandest hotel select dailypoint?

The Excelsior Hotel Ernst is in the middle of his dailypoint setup, and we asked for 15 minutes of their time to explain why they selected dailypoint and how they they are experiencing the implementation process so far.

Here is what Sebastian Shirra, Revenue Manger at Excelsior Ernst had to say!

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