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Content Bot

The (R)Evolution in guest communication

Elevate Guest Engagement and CRM with the dailypoint™ Content Bot 

In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, the dailypoint™ Content Bot stands as a revolutionary force, transforming guest communication to unprecedented levels. 

Unleashing Personalized Newsletters for Unparalleled Guest Experiences

In today's dynamic hospitality industry, personalized and individualized communication is the key to capturing guest attention. Enter the dailypoint™ Content Bot, a cutting-edge solution redefining the way hotels connect with their guests. While tailored newsletters are already a norm across various industries, our innovation takes it several steps further by automating content compilation based on the unique interests and preferences of each guest.

The outcome: each guest gets his own individual newsletter with content in the right sequence which fits perfectly to his (automatically and with AI) generated guest preferences.  


Check out this video and learn more about the dailypointâ„¢ Contentbot.

A Holistic Approach to Guest Profiling 

In the realm of customer relationship management (CRM), dailypoint™ takes the lead by generating individual guest interests from data coming from diverse sources. Whether it's a penchant for golfing, a love for spa experiences, or specific food preferences, we transform the raw data into valuable guest insights.

The dailypoint centralized guest profile, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each guest's preferences!

“the (R)Evolution in Guest Communication”

At dailypoint™ we see ourselves as innovators. We take a look at the world around us, understand the industry need and keep developing towards those needs. Personally, I keep asking what we could do better and how we can evolve. the new Content Bot is the consistent further development of our range of modules. We collect, sort, clean and manage guest data so that our customers can, in turn, make optimal offers to their guests and ultimately achieve optimal results.“

Dr. Michael Toedt
CEO, dailypoint™

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