Why did Cologne’s grandest hotel select dailypoint?

The Excelsior Hotel Ernst is in the middle of their dailypoint setup, and we asked 15 min of their time to explain why they selected dailypoint and how they are experiencing the implementation so far: 

“We researched and received presentations from several companies as part of our decision process, but we found that most were not covering all the functionality that we were looking for. There are a lot of vendors out there, and the examiniation process took quite a lot of time. What we liked about dailypoint can really be narrowed down to three things:

  • It was evident that the company had a lot of experience and expertise. In the sales process, they were very detailed oriented and didn’t try to sell us something we didn’t need. Also, they advised us well on the privacy aspect, which is so important in the luxury segment.
  • The product is constructed in a way that we could select the modules we need only, which was great, but it had functionality that went beyond what we do today and that gave us the feeling that we can grow with this company.
  • This might sound simple, but in our case it is very important that our vendors have the same attitude to business as we do, and that we both demonstrate that we are committed to the customer-vendor partnership.”

Sebastian has been securing the successful revenue management for the Excelsior Hotel Ernst for almost 7 years, and with a career in revenue management at several other 5* properties in the region before that, he truly knows what it takes to optimize a hotel’s revenue.

Sebastian Shirra

Revenue Manager, Excelsior Hotel Ernst, Cologne

For further information on what motivated them to search for a new software, how they experience the implementation project and which moduels will be used, you can download the full version below!

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