Munich, October 2019 – The largest and most comprehensive study on CRM and data management in the hospitality industry was recently published. In it, 85 hotel chains worldwide were surveyed on their CRM activities, the solutions they use and the problems they face (you can download the Executive Summary here

In previous years, when Michaela Papenhoff’s team had published studies like this, the press is full of reports, and vendors use the results to promote their own products. But this time, it’s unusually quiet!

9 CRM providers, including dailypoint™, supported this study. Our motivation was to find out whether our strategy was the right one or not. And we were extremely excited to see that the results confirm dailypoint’s direction, specifically the work we’ve done over the last 3 years.

It is very pleasing that dailypoint™ is now a top in the ranking of CRM systems in the chain environment. Dailypoint™ is the only system that is still in the hands of the founders and is not driven by financial investors.

But is dailypoint’s strategy™ the right one? What are the results of the study?

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