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Why Data Cleansing & Consolidation?

Data is the new oil in the age of big data. However, even oil has to be grafted to get petrol. The same applies to data. To transform data into highly valuable knowledge, it has to be processed and cleansed as well.

Today, hotels have about 15 different mainly unconnected applications with guest relevant data leading to the fact that they do not know who their customers are. Though, a clean, central profile enriched with AI is an essential requirement to use data in a meaningful way.

The return on investment (ROI) comes from multiple areas such as a higher guest loyalty based on more individualized services; accurate insights and reports to make the right decisions and adjustments, and finally, from personalized marketing and sales approach to push direct distribution and profit margins.

The following fundamental analysis was done in October 2018 using the data of about 110 hotels in Europe, business as well as resort hotels, from two hotel groups using two different multi-property PMS systems. The results were astonishing. 

What We Have Learned From Our Data Analysis of 110 Hotels


reduction of guest profiles through consolidation

profiles of loyal guests


had 2 profiles


had 3 profiles


had 4 or more profiles

analysis period: October 2018 | two hotel groups with 110 hotels in total | business and resort hotels | PMS: Opera MPE and Protel MPE | activated cleansing in PMS | 4 million guest profiles | 4.5 million stays

Data Quality Management with dailypoint™

  • Address correction for 240 countries
  • Standardize/correct spelling to corporate default
  • Search for faulty data
  • Review of prefix, gender, and dynamic salutation
  • Household and family-id
  • Data appending (geo, customer segments …)
  • Phonetic matching algorithms
  • Automated de-duping process
  • Fully automated! …#

All data consolidated in one central system.

dailypoint™ CDM
  • Central, clean guest profile
  • Multiple consent management
  • Complete transaction history
  • Value-based guest segmentation
  • Click & surf-tracking
  • Interests
  • Communication history

First Step to Clean & Consolidated Data

With only a small monthly service charge and no investment or setup fee.

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