Hotels can now easily customize the modules and data that is available within dailypoint™

Munich, January 2019 – Leading central data management (CDM) provider dailypoint™ launched its Marketplace in Q4 2018. The Marketplace is a new shop where hotels around the world can discover and connect new interfaces, services, and apps. With 95 applications already in the Marketplace, hotels have more flexibility when working with dailypoint™ than ever before.

“A guest’s digital footprint is bigger than ever before, with more and more software collecting various data. It is crucial for hotels to be able to make use of this data, and to do that, all data must be stored in one place. The launch of the dailypoint™ Marketplace allows hotels to connect all data centrally and analyze it within dailypoint™,” said Michael Toedt, Founder of dailypoint™.

The Marketplace is accessible within the central data management tool of dailypoint™ and is available for all clients. In addition to its own applications, dailypoint™ also offers apps and services in a variety of categories, including, PMS interfaces, IBEs, website services, POS, mobile check-in and more. Applications are sorted by category for ease of use.

Clients of dailypoint™ can log in to access the Marketplace. Not yet a dailypoint client? Request a demo of the product.



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