Munich, July 2022 – The central guest profile is the “holy grail” in digitization and the source of comprehensive guest knowledge. It is critical to success because a central profile is not just a “nice to have,” it is the basic building block for just about anything and everything along the customer journey. Whether it’s better service, more efficient processes, or more targeted sales. It’s the critical value driver. Most hotels try to manage guest knowledge in the PMS and, in the event of a change of provider, must transfer it to a new system.

This should not result in data loss. Most of the knowledge today is in the stay history. But it is precisely this that cannot be imported into a new system. The result is significantly worse support for existing guests.

Hoteliers often use a system change to “clean out” their data. This manual data cleansing is intended to help ensure that a new system can work with clean data right from the start. It should be noted that a system change is associated with an immense manual effort, a fact that must be avoided, especially in the current shortage of personnel.

But what does a solution look like? Data transfer and data cleansing must be automated processes, and the transfer of future reservations and all associated guest information must function reliably. In addition, it must be ensured that all guest knowledge is retained and available at the push of a button.

An experienced consultant should therefore support and ensure a smooth transition. dailypoint™ offers an excellent basis for a PMS migration. dailypoint™ offers probably the best two-way interfaces with most leading property management systems and the connection to many other solution partners from the world of hotel technology. References and practical examples can be found in our Case Study.

Before making a fundamental decision for a new PMS, the entire IT structure of the hotel should always be examined. What interfaces are currently in place? Which systems will be introduced in the future to further optimize processes and, above all, which system will manage the central guest profile across systems? The PMS is no longer the core element of a modern IT strategy, but part of an overall solution in which the areas of distribution (CRS), PMS and CDM (manages the central profile) harmonize in the best possible way? Please read the White Paper “CRM – PMS – CDM – three elements for sustainable success”.

About the author

Dr. Michael Toedt is one of the most renowned experts in the field of Big Data and CRM. He received his doctoral degree on the subject of CRM, respectively “The influence of communication on sales performance in the luxury hotel industry” from the University of Latvia. He lectures at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich about CRM & Hotel Technology for Bachelor- and Masterclasses as well as at Hotellerie Suisse in the NDS Management Program. Michael Toedt writes articles for international magazines and online platforms on a regular basis. Among others, he wrote the official CRM guide of the Austrian Hotel Association and the book “Big Data”, which has become a standard work for the topic of Data Management. He was elected by the HSMAI as one of the “Top 20 Extraordinary minds in Sales & Marketing” in 2016.

All his publications can be found here.

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