the dailypoint™ Content Bot

the (R)Evolution in guest communication




The dailypoint™ Content Bot revolutionizes communication in the hospitality industry.

Newsletters individually tailored to guests are state-of-the-art in many industries already – with automatically compiled content based on the interests and needs of the respective guest. As an innovator in hospitality technology, we are now the first in the industry to implement this technical solution for our clients.


dailypoint™ collects individual guest interests, like golfing, SPA, and food preferences from all relevant sources and stores them in one central guest profile.


Content Pieces

The hotels create individual pieces of content including specific information and offers matching these interests.


The Content Bot then automatically selects the matching content pieces and sorts them by relevance to create an individual Newsletter for each recipient.

“the (R)Evolution in Guest Communication”

„At dailypoint™ we see ourselves as innovators. We take a look at the world around us, understand the industry need and keep developing towards those needs. Personally, I keep asking what we could do better and how we can evolve. the new Content Bot is the consistent further development of our range of modules. We collect, sort, clean and manage guest data so that our customers can, in turn, make optimal offers to their guests and ultimately achieve optimal results.“

Dr. Michael Toedt

CEO, dailypoint™

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