dailypoint™ Data Laundry


Much more than just clean addresses. 

Get a clear view of all data with dailypoint’s™ patent-pending data cleansing.


dailypoint collects data from all relevant sources: your PMS, channel managers, emailing systems, website, and more. It pulls in this data and structures it all so that it can be processed and used.


Our patent-pending and fully automated cleaning method reviews all key data points, merges duplicates, corrects mistakes from human errors and ultimately creates a single profile for each one of your guests.


The clean data is then pushed back to your PMS and stored in dailypoint so that all data is up-to-date across sources. Hotels then have one single source of truth for all guest data.

We’ve analyzed the data from hundreds of hotels


reduction of guest profiles through consolidation

profiles of loyal guests


had 2 profiles


had 3 profiles


had 4 or more profiles

analysis period: October 2018 | two hotel groups with 110 hotels in total | business and resort hotels | PMS: Opera MPE and Protel MPE | activated cleansing in PMS | 4 million guest profiles | 4.5 million stays

Two-way interfaces with…

Ready to make use of your data?

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