H-Hotels¹, Motel One² or MGM³ in the U.S. The list of deadly hacking successes has skyrocketed recently. No company is safe today, regardless of size.

Smaller companies and individual hotels, in particular, tend to assume that they fly under the radar and are of no interest to hackers. But this is a misconception. Hackers rarely target organizations, but instead automatically look for gaps in IT security, such as through mass emails. The consequences can be disastrous: Company shutdown, loss of revenue, ransom payments, bad press, anxious customers, and, in the end, maybe even a penalty from data protection authorities. Because a hack with “personal data” MUST be reported, and then often unpleasant questions arise.

What should be the lessons learned from all these incidents?
You should be prepared for a data protection incident. It is only a matter of time when it hits you and then you should be able to react properly.

dailypoint can be the key element of your Data Security Concept!

Why? Find our answers here:

dailypoint stores all relevant Guest and Booking Data in an external system.

Should your data be encrypted and no longer accessible, and should your backups also be affected, then with dailypoint you still have a data source that ensures your survival.
dailypoint can be used as a basis for restarting the affected systems

Privacy issues often make the headlines. The result is anxious guests contacting you with questions.

This can quickly add up to several thousand inquiries. The dailypoint Privacy Dashboard is the central tool to answer guest inquiries quickly and comprehensively. All consumer rights can be safeguarded throughout the system.


During and after a hack attack, communication is a core element of damage control.

Therefore it is necessary to be able to inform all affected persons.
This is guaranteed with dailypoint. With dailypoint, you can immediately inform and protect all affected guests and keep them updated on the current status.

Prevent unpleasant surprises!

“Addressing the issue early helps protect your company from major damage. The dailypoint Privacy Dashboard is part of the dailypoint standard license. Ask us, we are ready to support you with advice and assistance.”

About Dr. Michael Toedt 
Dr. Michael Toedt is one of the most renowned experts in the field of Big Data and CRM. He received his doctoral degree on the subject of CRM, respectively “The influence of communication on sales performance in the luxury hotel industry” from the University of Latvia. He lectures at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich about CRM & Hotel Technology for Bachelor- and Masterclasses as well as at Hotellerie Suisse in the NDS Management Program. Michael Toedt writes articles for international magazines and online platforms on a regular basis. Among others, he wrote the official CRM guide of the Austrian Hotel Association and the book “Big Data”, which has become a standard work for the topic of Data Management. He was elected by the HSMAI as one of the “Top 20 Extraordinary minds in Sales & Marketing” in 2016.

All his publications can be found here.

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