New product allows hotels to automatically clean guest profiles and push updates to their PMS

February 2019, Munich, Germany – Central data management platform dailypoint™ today announced a new, patent-pending technology to add to its product suite: a data cleansing service that allows hotels to automatically clean, correct, and de-duplicate their guest profiles and push that data back to the hotel’s PMS.

The fully automated, AI-based process includes hundreds of steps, reviewing all key data points within the guest profile. It removes duplicate profiles, corrects mistakes made from human errors, corrects addresses for more than 240 countries and ultimately creates one single, accurate guest profile for each guest. This data is stored in the central data management solution by dailypoint™ as well as pushed to the hotel’s PMS so that data is accurate across all key sources.

“In an analysis of 4 million guest profiles and 4.5 million stays, we found that hotels have 2.3 profiles for their most loyal guests in the PMS alone. And, 14% of their guests had more than four profiles. With so many inaccuracies, it is nearly impossible for hotels to understand their business, market to their most loyal customers, and comply with GDPR regulations,” said Dr. Michael Toedt, Chief Executive Officer, at dailypoint™. “Our goal is to help hotels minimize these errors so that they can better run their businesses.”

More than 500 hotels are already using the service and have seen a 7% reduction in redundant guest profiles, as well as millions of data points that have been corrected. The service pairs seamlessly with the dailypoint™ CRM, where, once the data is cleaned, dailypoint™ creates guest interests and preferences based on the consolidated data sources like PMS data, the hotel website, email newsletter, guest questionnaires and many others.

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